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ASEM Aquaculture Platform

ASEM-Aq09 builds on the outputs of the ASEM Aquaculture Platform, established in 2003 as an EU-Asia framework for dialogue, networking and continuing coordination for sustainable aquaculture development, targeting key topics such as ‘Disease & Health management’, ‘Biodiversity & Ecological impacts’, ‘Breeding & Domestication’, ‘Education’, ‘Food safety & Legislation’, ‘Food Security’.

AQASEM09 wishes to reconcile Europe’s and Asia’s future directions in research, production and trade, focussing on following key areas:  BMPs (Better Management Practices), integrated ecosystem based production (Multi-Trophic Aquaculture), community engagement, certification, and aquatic health management, together with education, training and communication. Through its diverse stakeholders it aims to reconcile ecological, social and economic demands and introduce or consolidate practical concepts of sustainability in the sector in both regions. Its objectives address the Millennium Development Goals of eradicating extreme poverty and hunger and ensuring environmental sustainability.

In recent decades, European aquaculture technology has become the most advanced in the world, and scientific and commercial interactions between Europe and Asia have been a key feature of the sector’s evolution. As demands rise and resource and market conflicts become more critical, these linkages will become even more important for European and Asian aquaculture and their broader economies. A successful future based on sustainable aquaculture cannot be achieved if mutual interests are ignored.

The primary aims of ‘AQUASEM’ are:

• To establish a strong, goal-defined and well-communicated platform, a Community of Practice, which formulates and applies mutually, agreed research and innovation targets in support of sustainable aquaculture;

• To engage more widely with sector stakeholders to establish a common science and technology agenda and approach, with specific targets and performance indicators, through which the sector can progress in meeting sustainable development.

Coordinator: Patrick Sorgeloos, Ghent University, Belgium
Email : -
Laboratory of Aquaculture & Artemia Reference Center
Faculty Bioscience Engineering
Lab Aquaculture - Rozier, 44 - 9000 Ghent - Belgium

To learn more about AQUASEM visit the website:


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